Mediabyte ShowMe

Next generation communication tool has arrived. Available for Windows 10 and Android devices. iOS coming soon.

It's the perfect tool for communicating with remote workers, clients, or students. It's a real time drawing board. As you draw, the drawing is transmitted to all ShowMe users. You can pass the "Pen" to another ShowMe user. ShowMe users without Pen can tap on the screen to highlight specific areas

Connect with other ShowMe user

Do real time visual presentation. Pass the Pen around for other user to share their ideas

Works with Pen

Use your Pen on your Windows 10 device. Makes drawing more natural. Use the pressure feature of your Pen to change line thickness

Add Background Image

Add a background image such as architecture drawings, software plans, sport plays.

During Beta, service interruptions may occur.

To register click here

Note: Registration data will be deleted once beta is over.